What if

What if I could leave
If I could levitate out of my body
And leave it all behind for a moment 
The scars of the past
The judgment
And finally be me

I would be swept away from my bed
Into a small corner of this chilly winter evening
Gliding over the town
I would watch the soft glow of street lamps
And the lovers that pass beneath me with awe

Only to return and look with disgust
At the polluted husk that lay unmoving
Tangled in the bedsheets

At first, I would hate what I saw
All of the crooked lines and imperfections
That prison of flesh and bone I had been trapped in
For an eternity

But the longer I looked
I would be amazed
I would find love in every acne scar
And in every blemish
They are a part of who I am 

Sinking back into my body
I would smile for a moment
Before turning off the light with a